Dear Friend,

We are all going through difficult times, but we must not let this crisis to compromise the sustainability of our people and our business. Our company has been working remotely for over a decade. Due to current situation, and aware that business continuity must be ensured, we can provide you guidance with experience, tools and practices on how to effectively operate remotely.

These are the actions that we are taking immediately to help you:

1. Shift our upcoming in-person courses to virtual classes, with the commitment to deliver the best quality, in an engaging and interactive way.
2. Run a series of free webinars to share knowledge, and the way on how we have been working remotely. Feel free to invite a friend or a colleague and share your questions with us.
3. Offer remote coaching and advisory services to help you keep the business as effective as possible, through the knowledge and practice on a wide range of practices and tools with remote support.

We are sure that our support will effectively guarantee your business continuity as well your customers engaged.

Let’s Keep Pushing Your Life Forward. Contact us today by email or call us +351 215 915 719.

Thank you and take care!   #staysafe  #stayagile

Hugo Lourenço
CEO | Radtac Portugal – The Agile Thinker ®