Agile Principles

The 12 principles bring more concrete examples of the culture of change that an organization must welcome in its journey towards agility. Many organizations will say they are “doing agile” but [...]

Agile Values

Let’s analyze the 4 values described in the Agile Manifesto to reveal how simple sentences can convey significant messages for your Business Agility journey (note that while there is value in the [...]

What’s Agile?

Agile is a mindset described by 4 values and defined by 12 principles that guide how to create and respond to change empirically in scenarios of uncertainty. Organizations adopting this [...]

Can HR Become Agile?

Acting as a moderator is not sufficient to make HR part of a winning Agile business. For that to happen, both the business itself and HR must fully embrace Agile. – By Steve Denning – [...]

Power up with Power Skills

Investing in the right skills to lead your organisation to success, are Power Skills the new Soft Skills? – By Stuart Young – Since the 1980’s we have experienced a digital [...]